Thursday, July 22, 2010

Passion for Fashion

I know my titles are really lame but I can't help myself! Anyway...

In September, along with the National Day celebrations, a fashion show is being held at the InterContinental Muscat to showcase Omani fashion from the last 40 years. According to the organisers everyone involved is Omani, including the models and the designers. It is also intended to highlight the progression and achievements of Omani women since the reign of the Sultan. I am always excited about anything which demonstrates the great contributions women can make, and have made, to society. This is particularly significant in Oman where women have made incredible progress in a fairly short period. It also serves as a testament to how much effort the Sultan and his government have made towards the advancement of women.

Good news also, that after the show they will be auctioning the designs. It's definitely going to be a fun event for fashion enthusiasts and those interested in Omani culture as well.