Sunday, June 6, 2010

Phet Aftermath

The cyclone has passed and although it actually decreased to the level of Tropical Storm on it's entrance to the Omani coast, it still wreaked havoc. Each time I look at the newspapers the death toll has risen. The current toll according to the Times of Oman is 24, such a sad loss. Most of the deaths were as a result of people being trapped in wadis and pulled by the currents, disasters that the authorities tried their best to warn against.

As well as the deaths the storm caused widespread flooding, electricity blackouts, landslides and damage to buildings, roads and trees. Driving around Muscat yesterday, some of the city was in disarray. Although the water had mostly receded from the streets, a thick layer of mud was remaining and a lot of debris was strewn about. The government has been swift in setting about restoring everything and today it's much improved.

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