Monday, October 18, 2010

Oman's Great Rep

Well it looks like Oman, this modest little nation, is gaining great credit internationally. An article in the New York Times written by columnist Nicholas Kristof praises Oman and the progress which has taken place here in the last 40 years. The article, titled "What Oman Can Teach Us" unreservedly criticises other nations, including the States, for not following Oman's example of gaining peace through putting more effort in the education and empowerment of the people.
In Oman education has been welcomed by all, but has not been at the expense of culture and tradition. This is certainly a reason why there is stability here. The reality is that Omanis (not to mention expats) have love for, and faith in Oman and their Sultan. There is a widespread drive to succeed, not just for the benefit of individuals but for the pride of the country. Also, the Sultan's efforts to maintain a peaceful relationship with other countries has earned favour both at home and abroad.

For more Oman-loving you can read Kristof's article here.

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