Sunday, February 6, 2011

A little discrepancy

About an earlier post where I mentioned a new French pastry shop...I said there was one in City Centre. Well it seems I didn't check my facts properly. There is a stall in Markaz al Bahja but the main shop is in Al Ghubrah (Al Safah Street, nearby the Chedi). I know this because I looked on the website this time : )
I haven't been yet but as I just looked at their photos I shall probably be there within the hour.
(This is a pic from their website)


  1. Within the hour? Get me some :)


  2. Nice blog. Nice to follow a blog which reminds me of my enthusiasm for Oman when I was there. I miss it!!

  3. I have been there! I am Celiac and can't have any, but the girls I took assured me it was fantastic.

    If you're coming from the Azaiba r/a and turn towards Nov 18, go through the next r/a (the one between Sultan Qaboos street & Nov 18), take the first right, and it's about a block down on your right.

    They put some tables out front & it's very nice. So even if you aren't going to have a pastry (like me!) you can sit with your friends & have a nice coffee.