Monday, June 7, 2010

Name Shame

This one is going to sound a bit weird to non-Muslims, and in fact it was to me when I first heard it....Since coming to Oman I have had several people ask me if I am going to change my first name to a Muslim name. The concept somewhat baffles me, although I understand it's quite common, particularly for wives of Omanis. Why would anyone do that?! Is it going to make me a better Muslim? Of course not! Someone suggested it was because my name might be difficult for people to pronounce...well those that care will make an effort, I don't mind if it isn't pronounced in the Queen's accent.
It is a total contradiction to Omani culture as Omani people are fiercely proud of their names. Well, so am I. My parents gave me my name and I wont disrespect them by replacing it. After changing my religion and then moving abroad it may be a bit of a kick in the teeth!
Don't misunderstand me, nobody expects me to change my name, as I said it's common. It's just not for me. I was born Victoria and I shall die Victoria!


  1. We wouldn't be able to recognize you if you change your name Victoria ;)

  2. hey! i heard bout ur blog from dhorafi gucci. great blog! and if i were you keep your name. my mum is a french convert and everyone tried to tell her to change her name and I'm so proud that she kept the name her parents gave her. especially since in the end they too became muslim. Be proud of who you are and never let anyone trample on you because TRUST me arab women will try, a few men will too but thats just cause they want to assert their male dominince BS. Cheers! salam

  3. Hey :) ..
    I definitely understand what you mean because many people ask me the same question "will your husband change his name to an Arabic one?? Like Ibrahim?" .. and I just cut to the chase and tell them "No, I do not want him to!" as you said, him becoming a Mohammed or a Hamza..etc will not make him more Muslim!

    So you should live a Victoria and die a Victoria!

  4. Hi Victoria, just found your blog, nice one! The Omani blogosphere is finally expanding as more and more people are getting into it. Enjoy Oman and all the best!

  5. As salam alaikum Victoria ( prounounced with a queens accent hehe.)

    AHLAN WA SAHLAN. welcome home to Oman. May Allah bless you and your husband in your life here together and protect you both ameen.

    When i reverted to islam nearly 8 yrs ago, i added mariam to my name..i didnt delete my name given by my parents. I answer to all my names, my mother at times calls me mariam but i dnt exspect her or my father to..they both are loving and understanding people when i took the name mariam and after saying it means Mary after Mary from the bible they were pleased.

    You do as you so wish..let me be frank with will get pushed by alot of people around here to do alot of things THEY WANT you to do..dont give up ur own character or compramise over your me on this..i sat silent for 2 yrs because of other requirements, ive just got my voice back and thats why im here in blog, to enjoy the voice Allah gave me and share opinions with people.

    Love u for His sake.
    Mariam Kim Umm Qahtan.

  6. I didn't think that muslims push new reverts into changing their name..well,most of muslims' reverts I met never changed their names..
    welcome to Oman...inshallah u'll enjoy ur time here & sure u'd love it

  7. Hi Moon Smile (cute name)
    Thanks for the welcome. No nobody expects me to or has pushed me, I just keep getting asked about it so I decided to comment : )

  8. thanx victoria,i c what u mean :)

  9. Asslamalykum Victoria
    I am from south east asia. I would like to add you need to ask you some information about the marriage processing.How do we exchange email?
    Hope to hear from you
    Thank you and nice to see your blog here

  10. LOL, people have just decided to rename me. Without my permission or answering to these names. I have been declared Aicha. Noor. Hamida. Sara. I remain fixed in the name my parents gave me as afterall, it would actually be an innovation to call it an Islamic practice to change one's name unless one's name meant worship of something other than Allah. Did Umar change his name to something else when he became a Muslim? Ali? Sumaya? Zayed? La!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL, people can be so funny when they learn their Islam from culture rather than from its source.