Monday, November 29, 2010


There's no need for me to write a big article on the recent Wikileaks revelations of US diplomatic messages, when Muscat Confidential has done an excellent job here. I'll just mention some highlights which I found interesting.

Many world leaders haven't come off too well, although from what I've read I can't say much of it was shocking. Who knows why one of the stories most hitting the headlines is of a leak which mentions Libyan leader Gaddafi's relationship with his Ukranian nurse?! Exposed and embarrassed, the White House are condemning Wikileaks, one congressman even calling for it to be treated as a terrorist organisation!

Sultan Qaboos and Oman however have come off well. The Sultan's comments on international affairs such as Iraq and Iran show great wisdom and ration.

An excerpt in which he mentions women struck me the most; he said "Omani women were stuck in tradition and needed to be empowered to "take more charge" and to "be less shy". "Some customs (regarding women) shouldn't be kept".

The Sultan's views on the development of women are no secret; the progress he has pioneered says everything. The support and encouragement Omani women get is unique in this area of the world and its a great shame for any women who don't seize the opportunities given to them by this enlightened man.

Long live Sultan Qaboos and his Oman.


  1. +1 internets for the *his* Oman part. For if we were to go about for the common Omani's Oman ... *shudder*

  2. A wonder whether any comment will be made on the strides HM has made to develop greater accountability and representation. It still seems that delegation is a concept in development...