Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bits and Bobs

So after a bit of a dry, or should I say lazy, spell I've become productive again. In fact I thought of several topics to jot down so I'll just put them all into one post.

1) Apparently the government is planning to install traffic cameras at all of the major road junctions in the country. I'm just glad they're making further efforts to combat reckless driving. (I'll save my full rant for another post).
2) There is an exhibition showing rare photos of Oman in 1971 by French photographer Bruno Barbey. It is open everyday between 9am and 6pm at Bait al Baranda, Muttrah. I've also seen the book in Borders.

3) A couple of articles in the Times of Oman today made me smile. Firstly an article discussing the rise of spinsters in Oman and suggesting reasons both women and men are becoming more reluctant to marry. The second article commented on men's mistreatment of women; how they don't help around the house, even when a woman is working and perhaps even earning more money than her husband. Amusing...perhaps they should have used the second article to answer the first! : )
(I have to note though that it was nice to see the second article was written by a man).

4) On a personal note I've been travelling Oman some more, this time between Muscat and the Sharqiyah region; Sur, Ras al Hadd, Sharqiyah Sands and everywhere in between. The weather was amazing and it felt so good to get out of the city. Here are someof my favourite photos:
p.s. I'm getting incredibly frustrated...there is something wrong with Blogger that every time I try to fix the design of a post it doesn't work so things aren't spaced how I want them etc. I might end up throwing my laptop through the window. If you don't hear from me for a while you'll know why.


  1. AARGH! Me too re Blogger...
    Kids are back at school so I'm off to a few museums I think, thanks for the tip.

  2. Great shots! I feel like killing blogger sometimes too. Evidently, I can't type up a post in a word document and then copy/paste it into blogger anymore! annoying!

  3. I think the government should make a proper effort in educating and informing all citizens about road safety rather than simply installing some cameras. As far as I'm aware no one pays the fines anyway.
    I had the same problems with blogger too but since i started to use Google Docs it works much smoother; you can type it there and then copy/paste, give it a try...:)

  4. Awesome Pictures. Where is the 4th shot from? Would love to visit!

  5. Great pics!
    By the way, I had the exact same problems with blogger. So annoying! GO WORDPRESS!! :-)

  6. You just have to save your worddocument as another type...! One af the types with the word WEB will help - it works for me! :-)

  7. Awesome shots! And welcome back. Missed reading you! : )

    I had the same issues with blogger a while back and turned out the word application I was using is not registered or something from that sort. :S

  8. Dear me, I do hope you haven't thrown your laptop out the window! Hope you blog again soon and to second your suggestion to people to visit the rare photos exhibition at Bait al Baranda. I popped in yesterday and saw them and they were fab. :)


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  10. Thanks everyone for your comments...sorry it takes me a long time to reply! I will try the different methods you gave when I have a bit of time and the brainpower to concentrate!

    Omani Brit, at last you have written a post, I've been waiting ; )

    Faith, thanks, you're sweet. Its just a shame that a lot of your posts are in Arabic and although I can read them I will be a very long time with the dictionary ; ) Thats something I'm working on anyway.

    Stupidly I didn't write where the photos in this post are from, so although a bit belated, here they are:
    1)Sharqiyah sands
    2)A fort in or near Ras al Hadd
    4)Dibab Sink Hole (Hawyat Najm - Fallen Star)