Sunday, January 30, 2011

New happenings in Muscat

I've left it rather a long time since my last post...again. Its not that I lack material, its time! When you aren't busy you miss it and of course when you become very busy you just wish for some quiet time. But life's good.

1) I went to the new museum in Muttrah, Ghalya's Museum. If you're interested in Omani culture its great, although at the moment quite small (they have plans to add to it). Its basically a collection of artifacts from the period between 1950-1975, when Oman began to get lots of imports. Its interesting to see some very traditional items alongside things like Kraft cheese and Vimto. Its also interesting to see that a lot of the old items are still used today; if someone takes you around they'll tell you all about them.

2) I heard from a sweet-loving friend that there are 2 French pastry shops newly opened, one in Qurm City Centre and one in Markaz al Bahja. I've yet to try them but apparently the owner has some links with the Brasserie French restaurant in Muttrah and is a pastry chef so I'm sure they'll be good...better at least than the sickly crap that is cinnabon.

3) When I read the title of a Times of Oman article 'Muscat set to receive mega makeover' it prompted the words 'oh no'. There are plans to completely develop the city with parks, bridges, squares and complexes. Completion for the different projects will be between 2 to 10 years. I'm planning to go around photographing areas before they change (and then after). Although I'm disappointed that I'm already far too late to have seen Muscat as it was when there was only one shopping centre (Sabco) and little else, I'm glad I can see it now whilst there is still some of it left!! I suppose it will be nice to have a few more parks. I hope they create more places for people to play sports, because on the side of the highway or on a roundabout is not a great place to be kicking a ball around.

4) My blogger friend Dhofari Gucci wrote a post listing some of the small things which make her happy. I thought I would add a few:

- snatching some time with good friends
- having a productive and fulfilling day
- sleeping for an extra 15 minutes in the morning
- actually waking up on time to make breakfast!
- having time to read
- having a well-earned spa treatment!

I'm sure I've missed some things out but I'll be back soon!


  1. Ahh.... well earned spa treatment! YES!

  2. Thank you for the mention of the new museum and pattiserrie shops!

    It is so hard to find the ingredients to make French goodies in Muscat alas from home.

    I love petit fours:)

  3. i went to qurm city center in hopes of finding this french bakery but couldnt find it??