Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cambridge University in row over accepting funding from Sultan Qaboos

So I don't need to mention all the changes that are happening in Oman of late. It has previously been praised as a peaceful and successful country but now all of the negative aspects are coming out of the woodwork. How quickly the tables turn. Here is an article from today's Independent about Cambridge University being under the spotlight for accepting funding from a regime that doesn't allow democratic freedom. What does everyone think?


  1. I'm not surprised.. :(

  2. Such efforts for globalization should be welcomed, how else do western states expect "a regime that doesn't allow democratic freedom" to be open for their influences? Plus, considering budget cuts on universities all over Europe, the money should be more than welcome, provided academic freedom is maintained.

  3. That is soooooooooooooo stupid. NO offense, but the Chairs from the Symposium of Knowledge share ALL their learnings with the accademic community in Oman and full freedom in their feild of study (and as far as I know, and I know them pretty well, the accademic community in Oman actually does favour a monarchy over democracy so who is suffering????).

    The Professors from Cambridge who held chairs made lovely contributions. They were not to prejudiced to veiw Oman as She is not, and were lovely people to talk to and share thoughts with.

    Agh, that is such a stupid thing to write.

    Oman is not despotic.

  4. I'm an Omani and I don't want democracy here
    our monarchy works just fine under baba qaboos. I studied in western countries, and feel I have more rights and respect in Oman than some citizens did in these ''democracies''

    It's overrated, and academics know that.

  5. Excellent. Let the money come back to Oman to fund our own universities, colleges. Why should it go to spoiled brats in the UK? Let them find their own fundings and go shouting and causing damage in the streets while looking for funding. Shows ignorance is also found at universities.

  6. Anonymous - democracy isn't perfect but it's part of development. You won't have Baba Qaboos forever and your father will want this country that he has nurtured to become adult with each person playing their part.

  7. Meem Arar: To be honest, Oman benefits from the research from the Symposium of Knowledge but does not have the funds to finance the research IN OMAN. For instance, one of the chairs had the technical equipment (which Oman cannot afford at this time) to grow plants from reclycled water ect... the funding was minute compared to the overall research costs, and yet, Oman benefitted fully from the findings of what the chair cost. It is called smart investment.

    And one of the reasons Baba Qaboos invests in the Chairs? To make it safer for Omanis (and Muslims) to travel, as the chair in cambridge taught Islamic history for one, and the chair from Hollad I think? Same, making prejudice in the wider world lessen with knowledge. It is an investment in Oman, and safety of Omanis worldwide.

    To be honest, you can't acheive ALL of that, or expand knowldge, by closing doors. In education, the more mixing of peoples, the more expansion of ideas and breakthroughs.