Friday, April 1, 2011

Wadi Dogs

I'm sure the majority of people are having the same problem, so someone must have an idea of what can be done...
I have an entire pack (at least) of dogs living in my area. Initially there was one female and 6 puppies. As soon as the puppies were big a male dog started hanging around her, so I assume she's going to be having another litter again soon. Now somehow loads of other dogs have joined in the gang.
They're becoming a huge problem for the people - its not very nice to go walking and they are loudly fighting ALL night and day!
I feel sorry for the dogs too, there are loads of really cute puppies and summer is coming up so I don't know how they'll suffer.
Someone told me if I took a dog to the vets they would sterilize it, but how am I supposed to get it there?!
Does anyone know anyone or anywhere that helps these dogs?


  1. There is a group that takes care of dogs.!/pages/Animal-Adoption-and-Fostering-Oman/134298359932102

    this group is supported by qurum vets so its ur best bet for rescue.

    sad thing is if these dogs arent rescued usually people just torture them :(

  2. Or the police come and shoot them.

  3. we have about 40 - 50 dogs on the mountain slope behind us.
    Day they are usually on the slope and at night they come down to do their stuff.
    They are efficient cat killers and I hope they dont turn their stomach towards the young children playing on the street